Malavika and Ashwin thought they had worked every detail around their wedding day, but there was one thing they hadn’t prepared for.

The bride narrates their wedding-day story…
The couple: Malavika Raghavan and Ashwin Narayanan
Venue: Woodrose Club
Wedding Day: 4th June, 2015
“As the last one among my friends to get married, I thought I had seen it all  – the big traditional weddings, the party-all-night weddings and the bridezillas. What they all had in common was the crucial, and often grueling, vendor-selection process.”
" I was so obsessed with making sure my wedding was a chilled out, stress-free operation that one of the first things I did was download the Ultimate Indian Wedding Checklist, customize it for my wedding, and follow it to the T. I’d never had any childhood dreams for my special day, so I thought the several hundred pins on Pinterest and six months of preparation time would suffice.”
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I didn’t have a lot working for me. For starters, my to-be-husband Ashwin and I, both based in Dubai, were trying to manage a wedding in Bengaluru – my hometown.
To make matters worse, our initially planned small wedding (by Indian standards), with a 200 – people guest list, grew astoundingly, to a 450 – people guest list.
The swelling numbers brought some unexpected problems with it too – a change in the layout and setup of the venue, curfew and music restrictions, etc. It dawned on us that we needed some professional help.
I contacted Katha Weddings, who came highly recommended by a friend whose wedding the wedding planners had organized impeccably.
Right after sharing my elaborate list of decor needs with them, we began working together to create a color palette and theme for the wedding.

But that was not all!!

What was most impressive about them was how the team, led by Antara, managed to avert a potential disaster.

We had decided to have my mehendi and sangeet ceremony outdoors.

An hour before it began, however, there was a terrible downpour. My heart sank; our entire vision for this wedding was about to drown.

But through it all, Antara remained optimistic, quickly working around alternatives, never compromising on the look of the venue or the decor.

I still remember her working tirelessly through the night, always ready to help, with a smile on her face – often stretching herself well beyond the scope of her job.

When the rain finally gave in, we decided to retain the outdoor venue, which Antara and her amazing team had managed to decorate well before the guests arrived.

In fact, Katha Weddings had decorated two separate venues with different themes in just 24 hours – and that flawlessly.

No one could tell that the venue had seen a crazy downpour just minutes ago ! The guests loved the decor and felt it very well organized.

I was really worried that the rains would wash out one of the most important days in my life, but I am truly grateful to the team of Katha Weddings for not only saving the day but also making it extra special.


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