Love is too beautiful to be hidden in the closet.

With Section 377 being decriminalized almost a year ago, things are starting to look up for the LGBTQ community in India. Though there isn’t complete social acceptance, social media and shows like “Made in Heaven” have definitely started a conversation. There may be a long way to go before we see same-sex marriages happening in the country with ease, but as of now, it is not uncommon to have commitment ceremonies or other symbolic ceremonies to showcase their love even if it is not legally recognized.

These days, weddings focus more on the couple; making the entire event an intimate experience that makes their personalities shine through. But in the case of same-sex couples, they have more of a choice as to what rituals they want to fulfill and how they want to go ahead with it.

In case of two brides, they can choose to have a huge joint mehendi ceremony where both the brides can sit side by side and get their bridal mehendi applied. They can also plan a joint baraat for themselves where they can enter together or have separate ones too. Basically, they get to personalize each aspect in tune with their liking and that’s what makes the wedding all the more special.

In case of two grooms, again, they have freedom as to what rituals they want to perform or their families want them to perform. They can either go all out or keep it simple with just one function. The personalities of the grooms and their cultural backgrounds are also of significance.

Trans couples have much more legal recognition and hence they are more socially accepted in this day and age. Non-binary and queer couples can also choose the rituals they want to engage in, in a way that they’re comfortable because in the end, it is only love that matters. How a couple chooses to celebrate their love is nobody’s business. 

All images are taken from Pinterest.

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