"And suddenly, all the love songs were about you"

When it is the first wedding of a family, everybody is extremely excited and want to go all out with the celebrations. But if that doesn’t match the personality of the bride and groom, the best thing to do is to meet halfway. That is exactly what Pratiksha and Kiran did for their wedding. The couple met initially as classmates in college, worked together for a bit, opened their own Architecture & Design firm and fell in love somewhere along the way. But when it was time to get married, the bride’s sister, Prerna took over the reins of planning the wedding as they all trusted her to make sure that the wedding will be both personalised and fun.

Since she is also in the events industry, Prerna knew exactly what she wanted. “I wanted the decor to reflect Pratiksha’s simplistic and creative personality. The idea was to establish that each event was going to be a different experience for all the wedding guests while making sure that the decor isn’t intimidating or overwhelming. I chose Katha Weddings to help me out because Antara understood exactly what I wanted. Right from the very first meeting when I explained point by point of what we were looking to do and drew out pictures, Antara completely understood and not once did she ask me how to execute any element. Her expertise completely assured me that we were making the right choice by going ahead with Katha Weddings,” says Prerna. 

The wedding started off with a bang. The decor for the mehendi function held at Conrad Hotel was such that each guest would want to click lots of pictures! Orange and yellow marigolds and pinwheels were used throughout with accents of gold adding to the festive vibe. As the bride and other ladies were getting beautiful designs drawn on their hands, the dholwala kept playing and everybody was dancing non-stop. Even the relatives who the bride could never imagine dancing were in high spirits and tearing the dance floor! 

Photo Credit: Amrita B Nair

The next morning was all about tradition and rituals. With the Haldi and Bhaat ceremony being held in the same hotel, the challenge was to create a different experience using the same space again. Yellow drapery and traditional painted matkas were the focal points of the decor for that morning. A slight hiccup did arise when the bride had an allergic reaction to the haldi, but was immediately resolved with the help of their Doctor Chachu. But things were right back on track with the Bhaat being intimate and all about family. 

That evening was when they decided to go all out and make the Sangeet look like a star-studded affair. With a lit up pathway, light bulb entrance arch and a photo booth, the place looked nothing short of a red carpet filmy event. But since the couple doesn’t like the conventional, the highlight was the structure created to give the illusion of a lower and decked up ceiling. With shimmery golden tassels hanging from above and the backdrop being completely lit by lights and covered with ivy leaves, the scene was set for a night of drinking and dancing. As their wedding hashtag suggests, the groom, Kiran danced to Mango Dolly, a Marathi song, like he had always said he would if they got married. He had so much of fun that night that the Sangeet is the one event of their wedding that he wishes he could relive.

Photo Credit: Amrita B Nair

Photo Credit: Amrita B Nair

The next morning, while the bridal party was hungover and trying to get ready for the wedding, Team Katha had already set up everything at The Royal Orchid Hotel. The theme for this event was a culmination of aspects that both the sisters of the bride contributed to. The wedding invitation and all the branding had a lotus that Sanjna, the bride’s younger sister had hand painted and hence, lotuses were the main flowers used to decorate the entrance and the mantap.

Kites were used all over the lawn and even as part of the backdrops and tents because they denote positivity and life moving forward and that is exactly what Prerna wanted for her little sister’s married life. 

Photo Credit: Amrita B Nair

The colours boosted the cheerfulness of the event and rose the spirits of the guests. All the seven male members of the bride’s family were dressed alike and everyone wore bright pink safas. The ladies were decked up in their finest silk attire, temple jewellery and jasmine flowers. Everyone was given customised badges that read “Ladkiwale” and “Baraati”. As a singer sang traditional songs and explained what was happening throughout, the bride entered under a beautiful phoolon ki chadar while looking resplendent in a yellow lehenga. “Everybody says that the moment the bride enters and the groom looks at her for the first time to be a very special moment. Kiran told me that actually did happen and that it was a truly magical moment!” blushes the bride, Pratiksha.

The last event was the reception held at Conrad and followed the concept of “less is more”. A simplistic P&K written in lights and a minimalistic floral backdrop which could double up as a photo opportunity completed the decor for the evening. But the pathways leading to the ballroom were covered with shimmery peach and silver fabric tassels and showed everyone that even though it is the last event, there was still a lot of thought put into the decor here as well.

Photo Credit: Amrita B Nair

“Our wedding was absolutely perfect and surpassed everything I had ever imagined. Everybody had a great time and the best part was that there was no drama whatsoever,” Pratiksha heaves a sigh of relief. She was glad that her sister managed to push her and have a bigger wedding than she originally wanted. “I just wanted everyone who attends the wedding to feel extremely comfortable and have fun. It is the wedding of someone who we all love a lot and I wanted to make sure that each person feels that connect. All my plans were executed exceptionally well by Team Katha and I was truly happy with the way everything turned out as my sister deserves nothing less than perfection,” explains Prerna.

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